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Ethnic groups in Ethiopia

2017-07-27T17:27:42+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Afar people, Nuer people, Anuak people, Qemant people, Gurage people, Somalis, Sidama people, Falash Mura, Kambaata people, Mursi people, Issa (clan), Tigrayans, Saho people, Agaw people, Kunama people, Daasanach people, Argobba people, Berta people, Bari people, Konso people, Borana Oromo people, Murle people, Harari people, Dorze people, Silt'e people, Kwegu people, Gabra people, Jamaicans in Ethiopia, Maale people, Abyssinian people, Gedeo people, Welayta people, Nyangatom people, Surma people, Majang people, People of Ethiopia, Jeberti people, Koore people, Italians of Ethiopia, Hamar people, Dizi people, Werji people, Harla people, Shabo people, Beta Abraham, Hadiya people, Chinese people in Ethiopia flashcards Ethnic groups in Ethiopia
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